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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baptism Bonanza for River of Life!

Baptism. What does it mean to you? We say it's a chance for people to publicly display their decision to follow Jesus. Being immersed in water, and coming back up again, represents people leaving behind a life that's self-focused, and instead entering into a life where Jesus is your compass.

And it was a baptism bonanza recently at Lake Nabugabo, with nine members of River of Life Church getting baptised, including every one of the new White Eagle Home girls!

It was a wonderful day, starting with a stonking praise and worship session lead by Julius and finished off with a soda each. Lake Nab is a special place to River of Life, and to be honest, to most people in Masaka: a great place to have a splash, maybe a relax, and possibly a bit of fish and chips (don’t mind if we do!), but this was a different level of special.

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