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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brilliant Betty!

One thing that African women are well known for is their resourcefulness, and Ugandan women are no exception. So why aren’t more women able to pull in an income adequate to support their families?

Part of the reason is that it can be expensive to start something up. And simple crafts that sell well do require skills and training that women may not have the opportunity to obtain. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone able to teach you not only crafts, but also share wisdom on which types sell well? Step forward Elder Betty!

We’ve talked about the heart that Betty has for the people in our community – and she loves to connect with our brothers and sisters in Bujja Church plant by making the trek over to join them for their Wednesday evening gathering. This time, though, she went a bit early for some time with the ladies.

Betty told us: “I know how to make crafts, and many of the ladies in this church don’t have anything to do that helps them to earn money, so I thought that it would be such a good opportunity for them to learn about crafts, which they could then sell them to neighbours. I am happy to give my skill to my fellow ladies.”

We talked to some of the ladies in the learning group, and they said that it was such a privilege for them to acquire a skill that would help them earn some money, and thanked Elder Betty for thinking about them.  Awesome work, Betty! 

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