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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Running the race with our lads

Many of you will have heard of Synergy, but perhaps what you won’t know is that its genesis took place back in 2006 when we started organising local tournaments every Christmas in Masaka.  Two players who were part of our teams at River of Life back in those early days were Katongole and Andy, who were at school with some of our White Eagle lads at the time.

Shake to the left, shake to the right... here's Andy!

Fast forward 10 years and now Katongole and Andy are an integral part of our Synergy senior squad playing semi-professional football in Uganda’s 2nd tier: Big League. 

Keeper Katongole always has control of the ball!

What was it that drew them back into the fold, after many years pursuing their careers elsewhere around East Africa?  Well, in their own words, they tell us how Synergy is not like other teams who only care about results on the pitch.

Mid-match mentoring!

They love that Synergy provides care and support for them even when they aren’t playing football.  Whilst we may not be the top team in Uganda, we are one of very few that look to support our players in every area of their lives, and that is why many of our players refuse big money transfers to stay with us!  If you’re someone who loves sport and wants to see young people fulfil their potential, why not come and check out what Synergy is doing!

Running the race together

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