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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Persist is exploding!

Bit of an alarming headline, no?  Not to worry, though: that’s our aim for our Leadership Academy young people – we want to see them exploding in their communities in many ways, including showing kindness to those in need, and being influential to others so that they can also live a good life.
Some of our Academy members
We know that Persist has the brains and the leadership skills (and there’s no doubt she has the beauty), but did you know that she can also teach?  That’s right, she’s been helping fellow women to learn about the arts and crafts that she does.  And the cost?  Not a penny.

A hat?  Or a work of art?
Maama Trinah is a qualified social worker, but she looked for jobs, she couldn’t find any.  She tells us: “I failed to find a job, and stayed home.  As time passed by, I came to know Persist and appreciate her craft, and I asked to be trained in that field. 

Beautiful handmade jewellery
"I brought my own materials, and then she would teach me.  I now can make earrings, bags, bangles and some other jewellery that I sell to a few customers I have.  For sure, I am very thankful to that young lady for giving me these skills.”  

Maama Trinah with some of her wares
Thank you so much Persist!

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