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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Parents stand up for Synergy!

We got goosebumps hearing about a recent meeting that the Synergy staff had with the parents of their Academy boys.   It wasn’t a “good news” meeting, but…. ooooh, it turned out well!  We’ve mentioned before (once or twice!) how tight finances are.  But we really needed to spell this out to our Synergy parents.  Because sometimes there can be an “expectation” – or at least a hope – that membership to the Academy will automatically mean stellar education (and other provision) for their child.
Ok, yes, it does mean stellar education for many!

If you know anything about Synergy, you’ll know how many kids’ lives have been changed by being part of Synergy…. Doors to previously unattainable quality education have opened for them, on the basis of their footballing talent!  But we can’t do everything – that’s the reality.

The success of our Senior Team has given our academy a reputation for quality and integrity, making our players attractive to many school sports coaches and scouts

Shoot the messenger?  Not these parents!  Their response, on hearing about the financial problems that Synergy was facing, was to stand up and be counted!  “Surely we can do something” was the cry – “if someone’s doing well, perhaps they could buy some books for Synergy students at school” and “for those of us who are farmers, we could bring some beans for players to eat!”.  The crux of it is this: parents are starting to invest in the idea of being an integral part of Synergy.   They are getting hold of the idea that we want to be in a partnership with them, investing in their child’s life.  They even proposed creating a “Synergy Parents Committee”.  Blinkin’ Awesome.  C’mon, admit it, that’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Wouldn't you want to help our these cuties??

Want to be partners with them in this?  Get in touch and we can tell you how!

You can play a part in transforming the lives of these young people in Masaka, Uganda!

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