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Monday, December 18, 2006

One of River of Life Churches Newest Members!

This is one of our newest members here at River of Life Church! It's a little girl called Mercy who we've brought into the project. She was abandoned by her mum and left naked in a saucepan with a lady. This lady wanted to keep her but her husband didn't want her as they could not afford another mouth to feed.

She was brought to us very very malnourished and tiny for her age, but with lots of love and very good milk - SMA which costs 15 pounds a week, (yes 15 pounds a week!) she is now growing and getting stronger.

It was one of our Elders John Lutaaya who called her mercy as she has seen God's mercy on her little life. She has gone from no love, abandoned and ill, to having so much love. All the children pick her up and cuddle her as do all us adults and now she will not let you put her down! She's so sweet!

After her food she talks and babbles away - we reakon she will be a preacher one day!

The New Boys Home!

At the end of October we moved 14 of our younger boys into the top flat above the girls home. Down at their home next to the church the boys only had bedrooms so everthing else, sitting, talking, reading and eating was all done in the church hall. That was OK but after 6 years we decided it had been too long and they deserved better.

We really need to finish building the boys home down at the church this next year but for now they have this flat complete with a sitting room, dining room, bathroom and toilet - it's great! The boys love it, it is a little tight but much better than the church hall!

Tim Crow from England is living with them as the "big daddy" and really enjoying it. The girls are very well and enjoying the company of the boys. A few nights each week they meet together for praise and worship and bible study.

We will be renting this upstairs flat for the year and hopefully by then we will have completed the next phase of building the boys home down at the church.

As always we praise God for his wonderful provision!

Duncan and Mary On the Line!

Wow! How is this, Duncan and Mary Kibaya in Uganda, Africa with a blob! Oh, I mean Blog! I can't lie it is neither Duncan or me (Mary) who is actually starting it, it is Tim Crow who is the mastermind for this blog. But I am writing it and this is a massive move forward for us to come into all this technology.

We can hardly turn on a computer but Duncan is learning and hopes to soon be "surfing the net." That's all the surfing he'll be doing as he is becoming a Mzee, which means old man, that's what the people of River of Life Church call him!

Now this blog is to keep you, our friends and anyone who is interested about our work in Uganda up to date. Shall I start at the begnning? It's a very good place to start (Yes, I've been watching The Sound of Music, lots!!). In fact it would take too long to start from the beginning and most people who know us know everything anyway. If you've just found this blog and are interested just place a comment with your details and we can get back to you and give you more information about ourselves.

So there you go, please read on in the next 2 sections above which give you some of our recent news. Enjoy!!