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Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Tim's Videos!

Armed only with a camcorder and his MacBook, Tim's been busy creating fabulous videos of the footie tournaments and life at River of Life in general. The 2006 promo video has been on YouTube for a while, but we're now just beginning to post all our videos there. So head over to our channel on YouTube to see the 2007 promo, our little donate now video and more, as and when I get the footage to post it...

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Communications Revolution is here!

So here we are at last! River of Life Uganda has made the giant leap into the online world, because we want to connect more and better with our sponsors and supporters. So please browse our new website at , find out more about the White Eagles, our Youth Work, the Mercy Missions, our Enterprise work, our work in Reconciliation and our Prayer life, particularly our fledgling Masaka Prayer Mountain for the Nations. If you want to find out more, then why not register for updates?!

This blog is specifically for the growing crowds of people who have been to, heard of, donated to, loved, prayed for, been inspired by, got teary about, dreamt of, and want to be eternally joined-at-the-hip with everyone at RIVER OF LIFE, MASAKA, UGANDA! BRAP!!! I'm writing it from the perspective of a currently UK-based Muzungu who's also a Trustee of Uganda River of Life Ministries, the UK charity set up to support River of Life Uganda. So we'll have lots of news on fundraising, visits, initiatives, developments and all things going down in Nyendo, Masaka, and Uganda. From our new website you can also read Rabu's beautifully crafted Bombastical Badboy Blog, and we've even got Duncan and Mary doing a bit of blobbing...

So make our news Your news, and get involved!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duncan & Mary online (take 2)!

So, after briefly experimenting with 'blogging' at the end of 2006, we're going to now really get into it - at least as much as the power and internet access of Masaka allows! Our trustees in the UK have been working hard to help us communicate with our supporters using all this new technology - the website, email, blogs - and we really hope that it will help our supporters feel connected to the work that's going on out here. We're about to send out a newsletter with all the latest updates, and launch our new website and e-bulletin - it's very exciting! Let us know what you think... In the meantime, let us say a big hello from everyone here at River of Life, and we look forward to 'connecting' with you more!
(written by Rob D (Trustee, on behalf of Duncan & Mary)