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Monday, November 26, 2012

Never say never...

Nampijja was a healthy 21 year old girl when she was involved in a serious road traffic accident, 2 years ago. So serious were her injuries that she was told she would never walk again – the doctors didn’t even feel it was worth trying to align the large bone in her thigh which had broken in two from the impact.

Living rurally in Uganda, there is no such thing as “disability living allowance” or “care packages” and Nampijja was left alone for most of the day, every day, in a small room her dad rented for her, with a visitor just once a day to help her wash.

She was not able to move around at all, so was limited to lying on her bed under a sheet, unable even to sit up, staring at the unfinished brick walls, or listening to her radio when she had batteries - which was not often.

Nampijja did not come from a Christian background, but a local pastor went to talk to her early in 2012, inspiring hope in her that she would be healed. However, with so many obstacles facing her, hope soon faded, and she became very depressed.

We came across Nampijja in May, through the medical outreach work of our very own Dr Sarah Crow, who was helping at a clinic in the village where Nampijja lives. On her return from the clinic, Dr Sarah was sharing Nampijja's story with Aunty Sarah - our girls' home "aunty". Sarah just so happens to be a qualified physiotherapist, with 7 years experience in neurological physio - exactly what Nampijja needed.

Sarah's heart was moved to help Nampijja, and she started visiting the village weekly to offer physiotherapy, and to pray with Nampijja. 6 months on, and Nampijja's recovery is nothing short of miraculous! She’s now able to walk with no walking aid or support, and has learnt to sew on a foot-pedal operated sewing machine.

Sarah says "I can’t believe it! I would not have thought that it was possible for her to even stand when I first saw her, let alone take some steps, but through everyone’s prayers, God is doing the impossible!”