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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Banana Smoothie Anyone?

Last weekend, we made Fresh Banana Juice at the WEP.....It took FOREVER!!!

Here’s how you make it:

1. Peel 80 yellow bananas and put them in a pan
2. Find some long thick dry grass stems, cut into 4 inch pieces, then put them in the pan
3. Pound, squelch and squash the mixture in the pan for 1 hour
4. Take out the banana and grass mush (which now looks like vomit!), squeezing out each handful as hard as possible
5. Pound some ginger, then add it to the banana juice and cook on the charcoal stove for 60 minutes, bringing it to the boil
6. Leave to cool for 12 hours
7. FINALLY drink!

Monday, June 10, 2013

“Go and Explode!” - The ROL Leadership Academy

"Genda Obwatuke - Go and EXPLODE!" was the rallying call at last weekends Leadership Academy get-together. Our vision is for the 30 odd young people on the programme to take River of Life’s vision of spiritual revivial and community transformation out into the world.

On the day, Sali, a founding member of River of Life Church and now a qualified Crime Scenes Investigator specialising in cyber-forensics AND a Pastor in Manchester, UK, really inspired us all with his testimony. As a small boy he had mingled the mud to make the bricks which built the church! A couple of the Academy Members deserve a special mention - Robert, having stormed his A-Levels has won a Government Scholarship to do Medicine and Surgery whilst Sharon, who was disappointed with her A Level results, has completely repaid the trust we placed in her by getting the best first year University results we've ever seen! She's studying for a BA in Adult and Community Education and is getting some good experience through our Community Outreach work during the summer break.

It costs approximately £100 per month to send one of our Academy members to University - but it's worth every penny. We're looking for funding for 3 University Students right now! If you think you could get a group of people together to cover the costs, please get in touch.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Synergy FC are Champions!

A new force has exploded onto the scene of African football. It's a force that plays with poise and steely determination, that respects the referee, and scores beautiful goals. It's Synergy!

The Synergy Senior Team have stolen the show this season, remaining unbeaten in the league, winning the regional tournament and therefore promotion, despite some seriously dodgy refereeing decisions (which were respected!).

But Synergy is not just about playing the beautiful game. Manager Tim, Head Coach Brian and their team invest a huge amount in the programme. Mentoring, Discipleship, Life Skills, Physical Training - it's all about trying to get Masaka's down-trodden to step-up and realise their God-given potential. 16 Synergy Members are currently on full bursaries for secondary education - nine at O-Level and seven at A-level - whilst three have completed A levels. We even have one member who has won a half bursary to University!

And then there's 'Synergy Away', a weekly programme focused on a local primary school delivering health-checks, sports training and life skills to a class at a time. A Ugandan School class might have upwards of 50 children, so it's pretty full on!
Synergy is proving Nelson Mandela's assertion that "Sport has the power to change the world... the power to inspire... to unite in a way that little else does". And do you know what, we’re certain that one day we'll be seeing Synergy players on the world stage... How amazing will that be!?

But of course, none of it could happen without the generous and sacrificial support of the wider River of Life family. Earlier this year Tim and Rob were musing on a fundraiser that could get together some much needed funds for Synergy. "I know," says Tim, "Let's do a Football Marathon..."

Over 60 players, 16 hours, 246 goals, 4 twisted ankles, some horrendous looking blisters, and days and days of planning later, and the Synergy Football Marathon Team has raised an awesome £2,437.57!

The teams kicked off at 9.15am, and staggered over the finish line in the wee hours of the following morning. Jon, who has done some of the more extreme fundraising events for River of Life, including cycling from Manchester to Milton Keynes, said it was by far the most grueling and knackering challenge he had ever done.

So, we want to say a massive THANK YOU to the Synergy Marathon Team. Your sterling efforts have not been in vain - the money you've raised will help Synergy Sports impact hundreds of children's lives. If you would like to sponsor them, go to their Justgiving page