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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life saving developments at the Baby Unit!

We were recently able to admit a tiny little baby of just 980g. The mum had given birth in another hospital about 6 miles away, and they were rushed to the Baby Unit for intensive care.

Wrapped up tight in an Embrace Warmer

The poor little baby was badly hypothermic. She was quickly dressed in a sweater and covered in an Embrace warmer. Each day she got warmer and after just three days she had made a massive improvement.

Mum and Head Nurse Cathy

On the 27th she was discharged - still weighing a tiny 1.2kg - but breastfeeding well with additional feeds. Mum and Dad were so excited to see how their daughter improved whilst at the Baby Unit, and they thank everyone for supporting the Unit and saving the life of their little one!

If this had happened just a few months ago, there would have been nothing we could have done for her. Our hands would have been tied. Why? Because until recently we were unable to admit babies born outside the hospital because of the risk of infection. But now, we've managed to partition the Unit so we can keep the babies separated, and so this baby got a chance at life.

And what's more, last week, we were given a fantastic new piece of kit - a Firefly Phototherapy machine - which will really help jaundiced babies born from outside the hospital.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers for the Unit and its Babies!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Help Roderick become a Primary School Teacher!

Today we bring to you the story of Roderick, a former White Eagle, now a member of our Leadership Academy.

I am proud for having been brought up by the White Eagle project. My name is Muyanja Rodrick  a member of the Leadership Academy under River of Life Church. Honestly, I am so proud that I was brought up by this ministry that is under the Eagle’s Wings because I was nurtured in a good and Godly way. Everything I learnt there has been of value to me!

I completed my O-levels last year and have managed to join Christ the King Primary School as a Maths and Science Teacher. Its amazing to work with the young growing people and the truth of the matter is that I really desire to instil in them all the good and Godly methods of handling the world that were given to me during the time I was with the White Eagle’s project.

Sincerely I have just found that teaching is so exciting and soon I am going to join a Primary Teacher’s College. I’ll be training to be a teacher during the school holidays. I believe that I will make a good teacher and I’ll make every effort to ensure my young children pass with good grades!

At River of Life, we believe in training children and young men and women so that they become productive members of society! With Roderick, we can now see where God is taking us. Roderick came to us at a very tender age and we are happy to see him developing into a really responsible young man.

Would you like to sponsor Roderick to go to the Primary Teacher’s College so that he becomes a qualified Primary teacher? Sponsorship of our Leadership Academy Members starts at £30 per month. Please head to: and get in touch if you would like any further information!

Roderick was speaking to Frank, our Roving River of Life Reporter

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rejoicing on Prayer Mountain!

Frank Reports:

You won’t believe what happened on the 16th April 2015 at Misaali Hill! After the exciting news of winning the court case the previous day, we just had to thank God for what He has done for us. So we decided to go to the hill today, and just fill the mountain with worship, praise and words of encouragement!

That was wonderful, but on the other side of the hill, we had Gerald, Fred, Ernest and others barbecuing pork for us! After we had finished praise and worship, our lips became shaky as everyone managed to get a stick with lots of pieces of pork on. There was enough pork for everyone and we thanked God for He is faithful and saw us through this really difficult time.

If you would like to know more about our plans for the Prayer Mountain, please get in touch! We would love to take you up there. The view is just awesome. We believe that as we pray from there, we will see the fires of revival rekindled across Uganda, East Africa and the world.

Our plans for the hill are being finalised by our Architect, after which we will need to submit them for approval. The main plan is to build a Prayer Centre, but there are also plans to build a school, clinic and church, in line with our vision at River of Life Church for both spiritual revival and community transformation,

We currently need to raise £2,500 to approve the plans, and a further £2,000 to make a start on the foundations of the ‘Meeting Place’ - if you would like to contribute to this amazing vision, please head over to

Frank is our Roving River of Life Reporter, a member of our Leadership Academy, and is studying for a Diploma in Journalism.

The BBQing team, with the Praise Team in the background!

Joseph carrying the pork sticks to the worshippers

Susan & David, and John & Maggie enjoy their pork in freedom!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The first court case for Prayer Mountain is won!

We were praising God on the steps of Masaka’s Court House this morning as the long, stressful criminal case against Pastor David and Elder John finally came to an end.

The verdict should never have been in doubt. After all, they were charged with criminal trespass on our own land - a charge brought by trespassers themselves! However, once the case against them was sanctioned there was nothing for it but to go through the trial. Finally, joyously, the Magistrate acquitted them of all charges today!

Back in July last year they were arrested, and held in Police cells overnight. We managed to get them bailed the following day, but for 9 months and 19 court appearances, David and John were ‘bound’ by the court. The Magistrate took 45 minutes to deliver his ruling, and they were the longest 45 minutes of our lives! But as he systematically went through all the 'evidence' and the different elements of each charge, it became evident that the Prosecution had failed to prove its case. No surprise there - because there never was a case to answer!

When we heard the final words ‘Not Guilty’, we just couldn’t stop smiling. Our opponents had packed the court expecting David and John to be lead off to prison, and were left looking rather confused. News quickly spread, and Church members not at court made the whole of Nyendo vibrate with song.

We give thanks to God for getting us though these cases. There are still three criminal cases pending in court against the trespassers, and two civil suits, so the fight is not over yet. But it’s a huge relief to have won this particular battle. For now, we just pray that the State doesn't appeal the verdict.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our latest newsletter is out!

Our latest Newsletter is out, and sure to lighten your mood if you've been having a busy week.

There's news of the Leadership Academy's sponsored 100+ mile bike ride, 21 Days of Prayer and Worship on Prayer Mountain, and a new church plant, the first of our Christmas Alternative Gift Piglets have arrived at the farm and one of our Leadership Academy Members has finished first semester top of the class!

Our feature article looks at the impact of Synergy's Discipleship Programme, and invites you to consider partnering with them, whilst there is also news of the White Eagles return to school, our Computer Training is continuing apace, and we have a new member of the team, Joseph!

So, please enjoy and download the newsletter, and spread the good news by sharing it with all your friends and family!

Friday, April 3, 2015

The first ‘Christmas Piglets’ arrive at the farm

We were blown away by the response to our Christmas Alternative Gifts campaign - 51 piglets were ‘bought’ giving us the nice challenge of working out where we were going to keep them all :)

As you might remember, we had asked people to buy piglets as Alternative Christmas Gifts. We'll keep them for 6 months and then sell with profit, buying more piglets with the proceeds as well as help fund the White Eagles Project.

Well, we are happy to inform everyone that contributed that we have bought 10 piglets so far, and we have them with us at the farm. We will get more this month and next, thereby staggering when we sell them - we don’t want to create a glut on the local market :)

Stephen - one happy Farm Manager

Steven the farm manager is very happy that these piglets have come and he has been working hard to renovate the first pigsty, making it stronger to withstand attacks from wild dogs. Steven says that within a month, all the sties will be ready for their new guests.

That'll keep the wild beasts out!

We are so grateful for your contribution and may the good Lord bless you so much!
If you would like to contribute to the cost of renovating the sties, please do! Its never too late. Just head to:

Written by Mutebi Frank, our River of Life Roving Reporter

10 little piggies :)