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Monday, November 17, 2014

There are developments afoot at the Baby Unit...

Tony, one of our first White Eagles and now Vice-Chair of our Leadership Academy, has completed a course in Journalism. We're giving him a chance to try out his story-telling skills by writing for the River of Life blog - here's one of his first efforts!

The Baby Unit is a very important unit at Kitovu Hospital. Before this unit was put in place, the hospital were unable to give sick or premature babies proper care. Dr Sarah and Bridget, a nurse from Canada, used to visit and work with the staff in the maternity ward but unfortunately it wasn't enough to really help the situation.

A lot of equipment had been donated many months before, but wasn't in use, as there weren't staff for the unit. So Dr Sarah suggested that River of Life help, to make a properly staffed unit become a reality. She discussed the issue with the Elders of River of Life and they bought the idea, arrangements were made, and people were asked to donate so that we could help the little ones live. The Baby Unit officially opened in January 2013. As we speak now, over 400 babies have passed through the hands of this unit which is amazing!

There is a threat at the unit where little ones born outside Kitovu hospital are brought in needing medical care, which poses an infection risk to the babies we already have. Therefore we have just constructed a brand new partition within the unit so that we have room to take care of these other special babies from outside Kitovu, beautifully decorated by a host of willing and talented volunteers including our very own White Eagle Catherine!

The mums of the looked-after babies are pleased. “We are happy because our babies have been cared for in a very good and caring way. The nurses have been so helpful and ever willing to come whenever we called for their help,” they said. The nurses are very excited too, to be working in the unit because they enjoy the experience of seeing the little ones grow.

We are saying a big thank you to everyone who has donated different things such as equipment and funds for the survival of these little ones!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Christmas Gift that can't stop Giving

This year's Advent Adventure is the Awesome Alternative Gift that just can't stop giving!

As announced in our latest newsletter, for £20, you can buy the farm a piglet and fund its care for six months. In that time the piglet should be worth £75-100. We will then buy another, and in six months time... you get the idea! You will get a Gift Certificate for each Piglet, and all proceeds go to providing food for the White Eagles. Our Farm has been breeding pigs for some time now, so we know it can work! We're even going to be posting updates on our blog so that people can check up on how their piglet is getting on :)

This year the 'Gift Certificate' is in the form of an A5 Christmas Card. You have a choice of three different designs, and on the back is a short message with details about River of Life and the piglets. On the inside the card is blank for your own message. We can either email you the design of your choice so that you print it yourself, or we can print and post it to you.

The three designs are 1. Little Pig, 2. Cheeky Pig and 3. Beauty Pig

On the back of each card is more info (the colour matches the design on the front)

How to buy
It's easy to purchase a Piglet. Simply make an online donation here, or send a cheque made payable to Uganda River of Life Ministries to UROLM, 136 Essex Road, London, E10 6BS.

Then send us an email saying how many piglets you would like, which designs you would like and whether you would like us to print and post them to you, or whether you would like us to email them to you (that's a pretty good option if it's getting close to Christmas!). If you would prefer a different message on the front of the card, let us know - it can easily be personalised for you.

The money raised through the piglets will make the world of difference to the orphaned and vulnerable children in our White Eagle project - please consider buying all your friends and family a piglet!