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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flying higher by the day!

Big news for Ivan Mujuzzi! You’ll remember that he’d successfully completed his Senior 6 year at Masaka Secondary School, and was dreaming of becoming an architect?

Ivan and Victor having finished A levels!
Well he’s moving closer and closer to the dream, having been accepted to Kyambogo University, Kampala – one of the most highly regarded places to study architecture in Uganda. Hard to hide his smile, really, and who would want him to?

All smiles!
And he’s continued to inspire us by his conduct during the vacation, not only being an honest and re-liable employee, working with another ex-White Eagle, Big Charles, in a local photo studio, but also helping faithfully with the technical sides of church, manning the projector with aplomb, and getting involved whenever he can.

Helping out in the Community
Mujuzzi told us: “I am really happy that I have been given a place to study at Kyambogo University after a long struggle. I will start studying this very month. A big thank you to the different people who have encouraged me along the way, and I promise that I am going to do my best at University, with God as my guide.” Well done Mujuzzi!

Here's how we fly high at River of Life!

Friday, September 16, 2016

White Eagles - always willing to help a friend!! ;)

Few of us revel in exams, and some of us really break out in a sweat at the prospect. So spare a thought for Kellen, who is seen here, getting ready to sit her mock exams. These exams are usually held in the second term of the important “exam years” to prepare students for taking their finals in the third term.

You may already know that one of Kellen’s favourite subjects, not to mention an area of particular talent for her, is Food and Nutrition. She mentioned to Auntie Sarah that she really needed to practise some baking, ahead of her practical sessions in the week ahead.

Well… you should know that Auntie Sarah has a very sweet tooth (as well as a sweet heart, mind you!) and so “kindly” and “sacrificially” (haha!) offered to let Kellen revise her baking skills, and practice on her and the White Eagles. Ah the hardship!!!

Along with the cakes were pies and samosas…. And they were mmm-mmm-mmmmmm! Do you want some samosas? Better put your orders in early! You may have some competition!