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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you for sponsoring us!

Here's a massive thank you to everyone that sponsored us for the epic Manchester to Blackpool bike ride! It was 60 miles, well 65 for those of us who got a little lost (!), of riding in the most amazing sunshine - not the raining cats and dogs we were expecting at all! Sponsorship is still coming in, and it's not too late to sponsor us online at our Just Giving page.

And of course, a huge thank you to Eddy, Ming, Dan, Mark, Andy, Tim, Sarah, Christina and Rob, our 9 heroic riders! We didn't get off to the best of starts, loosing a peddle, a saddle and one bike only being able to turn right due to a trapped cable, but we all crossed the finish line in the end (even if it was from the opposite direction!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cycling to Blackpool? You must be crazy...

Here's the grizz - a team of 8 crazy fools are biking 60 miles from Manchester to Blackpool this sunday 13th July come rain or shine (or hail, thunder, lightening or gale if the last few weeks are anything to go by...) to help raise funds for continuing to build the new boys home - the second and third phases of kitchen, dining room, store, toilets and retaining wall are almost complete, but we need to raise a lot more money to move on to the next phases of washrooms, bedrooms and bed-sit! You can see more info by downloading this PDF which has photos of progress so far...

We've had to have some team changes - Katharine has been badly injured in training this week - she came off in a thunderstorm :( thankfully nothing's broken, but she's not going to be fit to bike 60 miles sadly. 

So with zero preparation, and with only 60 hours to go before the big day, Dan the big man has stepped up to take Katharine's place. He just about knows which end of a bike is which...

And, I'm so excited about this! After keeping it under wraps for weeks, we can also break the extraordinarily exciting news that, all the way from Masaka, Uganda we have the bombastical, the legend, the flippin hero the Rev Timothy R Crow AKA Rabu Ragtoe AKA the Rabumeister AKA simply, Timoth and White Eagle Daddy himself c'mon! c'mon! YES! BRAP!!!

He's flown 4,000 miles back to blighty specially early to join us - there was something about surprising his beautiful girlfriend too, but what dedication! What commitment! 
What he doesn't know is that the bike I've got for him is this one -

And also, I've just noticed over on his blog, he's offered to ride the last mile naked if we raise more than £5,000!!!! On that saddle?!

So please reach deep into your pockets if you can, and help us reach our target! 

You can sponsor us online here at our JustGiving sponsorship page and you can also read more team news on there...