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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thanks from Shadia

Shadia Lutaaya is one of the community White Eagles, and is just starting Senior Three this year. She tells us: “I am happy to have completed S2: it’s a great opportunity that has been given to me by the WEP, and by River of Life. My family wasn’t able to afford to send me to a good school such as Masaka Secondary School, so I feel really privileged to be there!

I sincerely love my teachers in this school because they act as good examples to us. They don’t come to class while drunk [!], they are always smart, and are good at time management. That creates a good environment for them to teach and discipline because they practise what they preach.

Another thing I like about my teachers is that they don’t only teach from books, but they also talk about things relevant to our day-to-day life. This has shaped many of us into responsible students. For those that don’t know, students here in Uganda may have to drop out of school at any stage because of different problems they face, so this makes practical lessons particularly important. Having skills and knowledge in areas such as computer work, food and nutrition, or art can make you a living later on! So, thank you Masaka SS!

 As for my dear sponsor…. I wouldn’t have been able to see and learn lots, and to be at such an inspiring school if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity and I promise you that it won’t be wasted.”

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Unity - a blessing when disaster strikes...

We wanted to share an amazing story of what can happen when there is true Unity between fellow Christians – hint: you can overcome some serious adversity!  Just after the big outreach we recently had, as the Nyendo Ssenyange born again churches, something horrible happened to Pastor Sseremba Mark (who heads up Abundant Miracles Ssenyange church plant). He was slashing (aka cutting grass, not Texas Chainsaw stylie, don't worry!) at Kakuto a few days later, and the slashing blade hit a stone, fell off the machine, hit another rock and recoiled back, cutting off his foot.  

Here's an example of a slasher machine in action

He told us that as his foot was cut, he immediately heard a voice inside of him saying, “the Devil has only attacked the body”, and at the time, he smiled (though on seeing his foot hanging by a strand, that smile did fade somewhat).  He bled so much he lost consciousness, but onlookers were able to get him to hospital, where doctors successfully removed the rest of his foot, and stabilised him.  A grim day indeed, yet through the pain, he still smiled and proclaimed that Jesus is Lord.

Don't know about you - but this joy and hope during adversity impresses us!  It's the Holy Spirit, people!

Fast-forward two weeks, and River of Life held a Thanksgiving Service (as part of our monthly Organic Worship programme).  Over 300 people came, and nearly 3 million shillings were raised from the congregation to help Mark to buy an artificial foot, and to support his family during this trying time.  Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers as they adapt to this new way of life.  

Preparing for a different life ahead as a family