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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fancy a non-coffee? A new fundraising idea...!

Just had to quickly write and talk about a new fundraising idea from Barabara, one of our Trustees. She's set up a JustGiving page for a TrickleFund - the idea being that everyday we can save a little bit of money to help Uganda's kids through River of Life... She writes:

"Everyday there's money you don't spend .....Walked instead of taking the bus? NOT bought that chocolate cake? Put the money in the Uganda Trickle Fund instead! Better for you and for Uganda's children!

And then there's washing machine money, sofa money, forgotten in pockets money, found on the floor money - especially in SOME people's bedrooms who shall be nameless - come on guys, donate your forgotten money - you can't have needed it!

Don't forget that if you pay tax Gift Aid makes your donation worth 28% more -at no cost to you!"

So if you've just found a couple of 20p pieces down the back of the sofa, or even an old fiver in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, why not donate it to River of Life, and help provide for some of Uganda's most vulnerable kids by donating to the TrickleFund!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introducing the White Eagle Family Project!

We have some very exciting news to share - this month we have launched a whole new scholarship program supporting 18 vulnerable and needy kids within their families! That brings the number of kids we are helping directly through our sponsorship program to 52, which is a huge milestone for River of Life and alongside the hundreds of kids that we're getting alongside through our youth work and sports ministry, the people we're visiting and assisting through the Mercy Missions, the work we're doing with agricultural development and the links we're building with Northern Uganda, it feels like we've definitely moved up a gear in the first half of 2008. Hallelujah!

Anyway, back to our new White Eagle Families. We've recognised for a long time the need to support families as much as possible - afterall the absolutely best place for children is within a loving family. The strains and stresses of Ugandan life - poverty, sickness, hardship - often stretches the social safety net of the family to breaking point, and children can fall through the gap and end up working on the streets, or in the markets, earning a few shillings a day to supplement the family income. That's the best case scenario - what also happens is that 'unwanted' children - perhaps from a previous marriage, or from a sister who has died - fall to the bottom of the pecking order and are neglected and considered a burden on the rest of the family: often resulting in them running away.

So what better thing to do than to complement our 'reactive' White Eagle work that saves kids from the street, with 'proactive' work that supports parents straining with looking after large families, including nephews, nieces, half brothers and step-sisters by providing scholarships? Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, that's exactly what we've been able to do! The kids are enjoying going to better schools whilst growing up in a loving family environment - fabulous.

Of course there are many more potential 'White Eagle Families' that need our help who we are unable to support (yet!) so if this exciting new venture has tickled your fancy and you'd like to find out more or become a supporter, drop us an email