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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marching against domestic violence with Mifumi!

Right, left, right, left! Here are the White Eagle team marching through Nyendo with Mifumi (a Uganda-based human rights NGO) to celebrate 16 days of activism against domestic violence. This is particularly pertinent for the White Eagles, since many of them initially came to us fleeing violence in their home environment.

According to the coordinator of Mifumi: “Nyendo is one of the places where we know that the rights of children and women – and even men – are being violated daily. Parents complain about their children’s disobedient behaviour, without recognising that they have contributed to this, by exposing them to constant fights and quarrels.
Similarly, some parents think that, because they suffered as children, their children must also suffer in life in order to achieve something – but this is a totally wrong perception. A child CANNOT be expected to study well in class if he or she doesn’t have peace at home. Don’t expect to have a better Uganda tomorrow, if we don’t create violence-free homes for our children today.”
It was an honour to be part of this event and we thank Mifumi for what they are doing to reduce domestic violence in our communities.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BIG congratulations to the wonderful Charles!

We hope you remember this fine young man, Charles, who was one of the first boys we welcomed from the streets, way back in 1999. He’s recently been part of the Leadership Academy, and has now trained in business administration, specialising as an accountant at Ndejje University!
Hard at work on our donated Macs!

“I am very happy that I have got this degree. If you had seen me eighteen years ago, you would hardly BELIEVE that I could now be in this position. I used to cause trouble at the project, but I know the Lord sees me as valuable, and loves me. He has provided for me, and changed me.

I want to thank River of Life Church for the care and love they have shown us all. We were very harsh back then, but we were accepted as we were and loved unconditionally. Thank you so much Pastor Duncan and Auntie Mary, for the good work you have done in us, and I promise to be a good and a responsible leader in my community.

Charles posing for his photo, on the left

I hope to serve as a good example to those that are still under the WEP – that they will know that everything is possible through Jesus who strengthens us and gives us perseverance. I am here to tell you that you will never have victory where there are no struggles and people are meant to be determined so as to make it through.”

We are so proud of him. May God bless all who have supported the White Eagle Project and Leadership Academy; because of you, we’ve been able to help Charles get to where he is now!

Meet Marvin!

We received a desperate plea for help at our Church, from a lady requesting money to enable her to transport a sick child home to the village. The child was initially hidden behind the pulpit, but when the lady held him up, the congregation was shocked to see his condition.

Even after a few days on the nutrition ward, his condition was shocking!

The reality was that this little 4 year old boy (whose mum had apparently died in childbirth) was on the brink of starving to death, with “lifeless eyes” and a tiny emaciated frame. On seeing the state of this child, our church members (many of whom only had enough money for food for the day) pulled money out of their pockets (NOT their tithing, as the offering had already been taken!). Together they were able to raise enough to send the child to the Nutrition Unit by themselves!

The first thing Elder Emily did was to rush to get a little milk for the boy, and apparently the little fella spotted the milk and strained his neck towards it with a look of real desperation in his eyes, as he was so so hungry. He wasn’t physically able to feed himself with his hands, nor could he walk (or even sit), but he started to heal slowly.

And just look at him now! Well on the road to recovery!

What a handsome boy!  Less than 6 weeks after he was admitted!

It’s actually hard to believe that this is the same little man. We’re so grateful to the staff who have diligently looked after him during his stay. We believe that God brought Marvin to River of Life for a reason and that this won’t be the last of our involvement with him. Please hold him in your prayers as we work out the way forward!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just the kind of leader we like to see!

It’s been a little while since we’ve blogged about the Leadership Academy. Well don’t let the silence fool you – there’s a lot happening! Have you met Robert? He’s a student in Gulu University doing medicine and surgery. What a great opportunity to make a difference, and be a positive influence in his community.

In fact, Robert has already been taking on some leadership roles at his University – he tells us: “I very much enjoy my life at campus as a leader.. I work as a programmer in the Christian fellowship at campus and in the Medical sector, I’m a coordinator assisting students from Masaka Secondary School, a Canteen head, and a Sanitation Minister in the Guild Counsel”. Phew – all these titles make your head spin, don’t they?

He continues: “With all the roles that I play at campus, I thank the Lord for the courage he has given me to run them. I have been challenged in different ways and some of these challenges include managing my time to involve myself in different meetings, campaigns, balancing the books in the canteen and managing my own books.

The canteen that we handle as the medical students helps us to raise money to enable us reach out to different communities in Gulu, as we preach the gospel in action. The action includes treating the sick, helping out to clear bushes around homes so as to destroy the breeding areas for mosquitoes, and sweeping roads to improve on the sanitation of urban areas. We are so thankful that the Lord has enabled us do all those things.

I also take this opportunity to thank River of Life for supporting me and for structuring me into a good and responsible leader that will make a positive influence in my community.”

Well that’s the sort of leader we hope to raise as part of the Leadership Academy. Keep up the good work, Robert!