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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going to Uganda...

In a week, five of us are off to Uganda, including 3 girls who have never been before - Sarah, Sarah and Christina. We hope to keep you updated with what we get up to, but bearing in mind how Tim struggles to get internet access, we might not manage it.

September is school holidays for the White Eagles, so we'll be doing a full programme of activities for the kids for the 2 weeks we're there, as well as reviewing progress on building the boys home, looking at the farm project we have, checking out the new White Eagle Families scheme and all the other amazing things that are going on...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We've been blown away with the response to the bike ride!

Unbelievable! We've had an amazing response to the sponsored bike ride - we've raised nearly £17,000! That's beyond our wildest dreams, and has prompted us to plan to keep going with the next phase - building the retaining wall to hold up the terrace it's all being built on. In the picture you can see the new kitchen and store going up... If you've donated or supported us in any way, thank you so much!

Also, the On-yer-Bike-for-River-of-Life escapade has inspired Damien 'the saddle' Dacey and Tim 'free wheelin' Burbidge down in Bristol to do even more! 60 miles will be nothing to them as they battle 600, yes 600 miles across France to the med! Respec' to them!