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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inspiration from some role models!

We’re SO proud of our Senior Synergy guys. At times, you can worry that all your mentoring and advice falls on deaf ears. But when you see the guys walking the walk, and not just talking the talk but SPREADING the talk… well, that’s just fantastic!   A couple of weeks ago, some of our Senior Synergy lads gave up their own time to come and encourage the younger Academy players, including Kiweewa Andrew, Peter, and Yiga, among others.

Andrew said, “We learn from our mistakes so don’t fear to make them! We all love the game, but I’d advise you to attend school whenever you have the chance, because a good education is important. Work on making good relationships with your teammates, and keeping your integrity – others may cheat, but no-one can take your integrity unless you allow them!”

And Peter talked about time keeping and encouraged them to believe in themselves, to be disciplined, and to always stand as ONE, because a strong united team is hard to beat!

After the rousing speeches, the seniors offered some practical football tips on the pitch to the younger guys.

A big thank you to the lads for the beautiful work they did for us… it’s great to our younger guys to have role models who have walked the path they are travelling along!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ding Dong, the Witch has Fled!

Moving mountains is God’s bread-and-butter, so you can be sure that shifting a witch doctor or two is child’s play to Him!

Many of you will have heard about our legal battles over the Misaali prayer mountain. It’s been a frustrating time, despite victory in court cases so far (some are still ongoing). And our challenges haven’t ended in the court room – we have received great opposition from the Witch Doctors based in Misaali, who had a number of shrines near our prayer huts.
But God is faithful to what he says, and he has been giving prophecies through people. And now we’re seeing a shift! Our caretaker Waisswa couldn’t contain his delight when he told us that the Misaali shrines have now been abandoned, as the witch doctor residing there complained that the “God of Born Agains” (a.k.a Abalokole = us!) has made their gods powerless! Boooooo ya!
No more witch doctors here!
There is a big vision for Misaali, and we hope to see more prayer huts built, as well as a school, church offices, and even a fine football pitch there, but this needs resources. If this is something you would like to get involved with, get in touch!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Praising and Praying in droves this NYE at the Prayer Mountain!

A problem shared is a problem solved... Or... “how many Nyendo-ians does it take to build a platform?”. You pick your catch phrase!

Either way, this scene was just a taster of the New Year celebrations to come, as different churches from Nyendo and Ssenyange came together for the occasion. There was much to do, including driving poles into the ground, and building a platform, but it was a lot easier “with a little help from our friends”!

And the event itself? Amazing! Hundreds turned up on the Misaali Prayer Mountain to ring in the New Year in a massive overnight extravaganza – unity at its best! It was a time of promise, but also a time of challenge.

One of the comments a speaker threw out to the crowd was: “God is going to do great things for you in this New Year…. but will God be able to trust you with what he gives you?”. Translation: It’s easy to serve the Lord fervently when you want something, but when you’ve got it, are you going to stick around?
Another speaker reminded us that all things are possible with God, and he encouraged the youths not to despise humble beginnings because God has a plan and is in control.

We entered the New Year, proclaiming to be victorious and conquerors in Jesus’ name. Extra bonus joy: despite it being an overnight prayer event, many people that attended weren’t actually Christian, but made a decision for Christ that night! Pretty awesome 