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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Synergy triumph in massive local derby!

Frank Reports: A story by River of Life’s Roving Reporter, Mutebi Frank

It doesn't get bigger than Synergy FC v Masaka Local Council in this part of the world, and Frank was pitch-side to catch all the action:

Joy covered everyone’s face that was sad when Synergy Football club in Big League scored an awesome goal in the second half.

Synergy played so wonderfully against Masaka Local Council that declined from Super League meaning that this team was a bit more experienced than them.

But the most amazing thing was the way the Synergy Lads did it: “Super would be the best word to use.”

Brian “Synergy manager” thanks all the fans for the support and special thanks to those people that are helping financially and those that are ever praying hard for its success.

As we speak now, they have travelled to Kasese for another match, and we are praying hard that they win that match too.

Well, we as River of Life, we are very thank full that you have always supported us in various ways.

If you haven’t donated and you would like to donate for the Synergy to continue developing their talents as well as their abilities please head to:

Frank is studying for a Diploma in Mass Communication, and is regularly writing stories for the River of Life blog and Facebook page. He is a former White Eagle and is now the Vice-Chairman of the Leadership Academy.