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Friday, March 1, 2013

Rekindling the fires of revival on Prayer Mountain

They say that ambition is the path to success, and perseverence the vehicle you arrive in... Well, that is certainly the Prayer Mountain story over the last 12 months! Here’s a quick reminder of the vision: we’re going to build a Prayer Centre on a hill outside Masaka, with an International School, Church and Medical facilities. We had wrongly assumed that raising the necessary funds would be the hardest part..!

Having secured funds for the land in July 2011, the paperwork was drawn up by September, and the transaction completed by March 2012. That’s pretty good for something that big in a place this disorganised! But that's when the fun really started. Two individuals contested our right to the land. We were prepared to negotiate and compensate for any legitimate claim, but it soon became apparent that these guys were far from legit! After months of negotiations descended into one particularly fierce altercation involving death-threats and machetes, we turned to the Police.

Slowly but surely, and with a lot of prayer, the truth has prevailed and the police have helped turn the screw to the extent that the two land-grabbers have all of a sudden changed their tune and have, in the last month, become all sweetness and light. It's looking promising that we can get started on the building plans very soon!