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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inspiration from some role models!

We’re SO proud of our Senior Synergy guys. At times, you can worry that all your mentoring and advice falls on deaf ears. But when you see the guys walking the walk, and not just talking the talk but SPREADING the talk… well, that’s just fantastic!   A couple of weeks ago, some of our Senior Synergy lads gave up their own time to come and encourage the younger Academy players, including Kiweewa Andrew, Peter, and Yiga, among others.

Andrew said, “We learn from our mistakes so don’t fear to make them! We all love the game, but I’d advise you to attend school whenever you have the chance, because a good education is important. Work on making good relationships with your teammates, and keeping your integrity – others may cheat, but no-one can take your integrity unless you allow them!”

And Peter talked about time keeping and encouraged them to believe in themselves, to be disciplined, and to always stand as ONE, because a strong united team is hard to beat!

After the rousing speeches, the seniors offered some practical football tips on the pitch to the younger guys.

A big thank you to the lads for the beautiful work they did for us… it’s great to our younger guys to have role models who have walked the path they are travelling along!

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