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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kasirivu really is the business!

If there ever was a story of turn-arounds, Ernest Kasirivu has one.  Here he is with his super-proud mother, celebrating his graduation with a certificate in business studies. 

What a triumphant day!  But life wasn’t always so rosy for Kasirivu.  Back in the day, his mum wasn’t able to look after him, so he headed to stay with some relatives.  As all-too-often happens, he was mistreated, and ended up living on the streets, with little to no hope for his future.  He had days of starving, as well as suffering a lot of abuse from the other street kids, and people around Nyendo.  And that’s when he was found by John Mukiibi, and brought to River of Life.

He tells us, “It would be wrong if I say that I am speechless, because I have a lot to say… but the problem is where to start!  I had seen a lot, and been through a lot, before I joined ROL.  As I was a young boy, it was my own family that gave me a hard time, and when I ended up on the streets, all my dreams were kind of shattered.  But that wasn’t the end of the story, and I’m so proud to have earned my certificate in business studies.  I thank River of Life for the love and care since i joined, and my dear sponsors for seeing me through.  Next stop is a diploma and I can’t wait!”



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