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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing Synergy Sports Strategy - changing gear for a new year!

Synergy Sports Strategy is our new Community Sports Initiative. It’s all about enabling young people to reach their God-given potential, in sport and in life, through training, life skills coaching and Christian teaching and mentoring. Sounds good eh?

Over the years we’ve been involved in various Sports Initiatives, believing with Mr Nelson Mandela that “Sport has the power to change the world!”. Most recently we were working with a local Football Academy, Ball Line, but when that relationship came to an end last year, we decided to change gear and ramp things up a bit! It’s been an exciting few months, with a tournament (which the Synergy senior team lost in the finals on penalties - agony!) new training and discipleship programmes for over 60 boys and building relationships with schools. We’re also very proud to be able to say that 21 of the lads have won education bursaries on the strength of their sporting ability! We need funds to keep up the work - can you help? Get in touch by email!

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