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Monday, October 6, 2014

New Computer Lab opened for business!

We’re delighted to announce that we have opened a brand new computer lab to offer training in computer skills, graphic design, website building and more.

It’s taken some time to get everything into place, with security being the toughest nut to crack. Our vision is to offer training in Computer Skills, Graphic Design and Website Building, so that members of the Leadership Academy can acquire some decent income generating skills.

Ernest and Tony (pic.), our 2014 Academy Chairman and Vice-Chairman, are already getting to grips with the new computers. We now have 25 members of the Leadership Academy, including three who will be graduating with their Bachelor Degrees this month from Nkumba University. They’ve done brilliantly well, and we’re very proud of them! This lab should offer them, and the other young people supported by River of Life Church, an opportunity to learn some valuable practical skills.

As Tony says
"Good news to all Leadership academy members! It's been our prayer that we could get more knowledge about different computer programs that aren’t commonly taught in schools but would still be of use in our day to day life. I am very excited to inform all the guys in the academy that we can now rock it! It's taken some time to set up because some software had to be downloaded but we are thankful that they are here at last. The computers are now available and ready to be used, different programs are to be taught to you and after that, you will go and explode in the whole world as we promote River of Life’s Mission “To see the Glory of God cover Uganda and the whole world through church revival and community transformation"!

We're particularly grateful to our good friends in Canada who made this happen!

Software update time at the new lab
Tony and Ernest get stuck in
The 2014 Leadership Academy

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