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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marching against domestic violence with Mifumi!

Right, left, right, left! Here are the White Eagle team marching through Nyendo with Mifumi (a Uganda-based human rights NGO) to celebrate 16 days of activism against domestic violence. This is particularly pertinent for the White Eagles, since many of them initially came to us fleeing violence in their home environment.

According to the coordinator of Mifumi: “Nyendo is one of the places where we know that the rights of children and women – and even men – are being violated daily. Parents complain about their children’s disobedient behaviour, without recognising that they have contributed to this, by exposing them to constant fights and quarrels.
Similarly, some parents think that, because they suffered as children, their children must also suffer in life in order to achieve something – but this is a totally wrong perception. A child CANNOT be expected to study well in class if he or she doesn’t have peace at home. Don’t expect to have a better Uganda tomorrow, if we don’t create violence-free homes for our children today.”
It was an honour to be part of this event and we thank Mifumi for what they are doing to reduce domestic violence in our communities.

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Nakamya Gloria Julian said...

I am very pleased to see this kind of information being shared with the public. GBV is like an ulcer, that if not discovered and treated at an early stage can affect the rest of the body, and this body is our family, friends, community etc. GBV has diverse effects on individuals, families, communities and our country at large. Its always manifested physically, economically, emotionally and sexually. While MIFUMI as an Organization has spear headed the response and prevention of GBV. we must appreciate that for GBV to reduce and/or stop, we required a multi-sectoral approach.

Great thanks to police,court school administrators, Health institutions like Masaka Regional Referral Hospital Civil society organizations Masaka Local government technical officers and most especially the DCDO who has continuously supported the MIFUMI Shelter in Masaka. These and many other individuals and actors are always supporting us in the fight to achieve a violence free community.

Special thanks to River of Life Uganda for their tireless support towards homeless and hopeless children in Masaka. Their doors have always been open to children undergoing violence and abuse.

Ending violence is every ones responsibility. Let us all join efforts to create a violence free world, not only during 16 days of activism, but all the time, every day. Remember, a safe home creates safe education and a safe community. We should all be driven by the desire for peace and development.

Gloria Julian N.