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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Please sponsor our valiant runners and send our kids and young people back to school!

What a difference three weeks makes! We’re relieved to report that our runners are starting to look like… well, runners! It’s been early morning runs and aching muscles all around, and this is just as well, since the run is a week today!! 25 scorching, sweaty, arduous miles. Whew.

Novices to Pros in just a few weeks - our lads are starting to look the part!
And as for the chauvinists amongst you who wonder how the girls will manage, we’d like to inform you that the men have been seriously challenged by their persistence and tenacity. Boom! Every day, the gang are upping the ante, pushing themselves more, in order to prepare.
We asked Esther (seen here in blue) about the marathon. She’s a chef down at church and a mum of four little ones.
She told us “I am happy to be part of the fundraising team. I didn’t go to school myself, and I know only too well the difficulties that a lack of education can bring. But if the young men and women in the Leadership Academy can go to school with your donations, I will be so full of joy to have helped them get there! If you can, please donate, so that they can make it to school and really be productive members of our society, helping to bring about an improved Uganda. Thank you so much!”

Well, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. We reckon Esther’s setting a stonking example to her kids (and the rest of us!). Thanks Esther, and good luck to all runners.

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