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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Survival of the Sweetest!

Do you remember baby Survivor? You might not, as she was born over two years ago. If you want to read about her, click here:

In a nutshell, she made it by the skin of her teeth (or gums??) as her labouring mother was told the unborn baby couldn’t possibly survive, since she was below the official “survival gestation” for Uganda. She nearly headed off home to deliver and bury her baby… after all, what’s the point of staying in hospital if the baby will die anyway? But our baby unit nurses persuaded her to give the baby a chance. What happened? Well, the clue’s in the name!

And this year, we got to meet her mother again, as Gertrude delivered a little boy this time, in poor condition, with “birth asphyxia”.

It’s such a privilege to be able to help her build a healthy family, as this little fella went home the other day on fine form, and now has come back for review looking fantastic!

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