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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saluting Ssali!

Synergy is doing a lot of work to reach out to the young people in Masaka, since football is such a “universal language” – and Ugandans LOVE their football.

 We wanted to tell you about fifteen year old Ssali Abaasi, as we’re really proud of all that he has achieved! Ssali had sadly lost his father at an early age. His single mother struggled and struggled, in order to send him to Hill Road Primary School where he could get an education. This is where he met Synergy Academy coach Abbey, when the school were having a friendly match against Synergy. He was encouraged and inspired to join Synergy.

He says: “When I joined Synergy, I liked the attitude the boys had towards the game. They were friendly, and understanding: I was so glad to be part of this. Whenever we gathered together, we were encouraged to be disciplined as we play, and to also always work hard at school, since opportunities in life are grabbed by those that are ready for them.
I took this message seriously, and worked hard at school. Last year, I achieved 4 aggregates [ed: this is a really good score!!] in my primary leaving exams (PLE), and I was offered a scholarship at London College. This has really reduced the pressure on my mother, as she had struggled to search for school fees for a number of us.” For those that don’t know London College, it’s one of the best secondary schools in Uganda! We believe that this young man is going to be our light in this school, and beyond. He tells us: “Despite the fact that I am a footballer, I would like to be a doctor in future”.

Well done Ssali! 

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