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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

River of Life serving Living Water!

Oh for those innocent days, when we had no high-tech machines… our worship and praise sessions were only accompanied by the (sometimes!) melodious beat of the drum!

Some people even find it hard to connect with God without things being polished and “just so”. But out in the village of Mweruka, about 50 kilometers from Masaka town, it’s a different story…

We’d gone as an evangelism team, and were able to share God's word – nearly 30 came to faith during that time. The local church members were strengthened by the visit, and the Pastors expressed gratitude.

The aim was to serve Living Water Church, and serve them we did! We had a lot of fun, and got stuck into every activity on offer, be it sweeping, cooking, collecting water, or many others.

A couple of thanks. Firstly to our fantabulous team who went with open hearts and open arms. And then, to those of you that support our ministry. None of this work would have been possible without you!

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