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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sign to Sing!

Let it never be said that River of Life don’t get involved… and here’s a fantastic event that we were delighted to join in! It’s the Sign to Sing March, which is organised by Guinness World Records. This event was spear headed by Sign Health Uganda (the deaf health charity) in conjunction with Masaka Disability Network (of which River of Life is part).

The day starts with a triumphant march lead by the band, starting from the Post Office and leading through the busiest areas of Masaka town.
It’s a great opportunity to spread the word about honouring the rights of children with disabilities, and saying no to violence in homes. In particular, we talk about deaf or physically disabled children, since many parents in Uganda believe that having a child who can’t hear or can’t walk is “bad luck” and wouldn’t bother investing in such a child. These children then miss out on education, and many other essentials of life.
According to Elder Emily, “The marching was so good… it was so encouraging that many people came of their shops to see what was going on the streets. Those very people might have a disabled child at home that they treat badly – but hearing our message is the first step in changing minds and behaviours”

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